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Appomattox, Campbell, Prince Edward and Charlotte Counties, Virginia

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Members and Friends,

At yesterday's hunt from the Wallis Farm we had 17 hounds and 17 riders with 3 truck followers. Hounds ran for a short time in the pines above the Snowy River Hill. It sounded like Clipper started speaking first and since he is not yet deer broke I was suspicious. Then I heard Solomon, Tenson and some other rock solid hounds and felt confident.

Around they went twice with a few checks before coming out on Red Gate Rd. I gathered them and gave them a chance to hunt both sides of the farm road. Nothing was found so we moved on. The rest of our two and a half hours of cubbing was almost blank. They were very busy at the entrance to the Midget House Trail and again on some turkey lines in the woods bordering the Bulldozer Field. I was proud of how well they listened, their drive to hunt in the heat and the reaction of many to two different deer crossings. A few experienced a reprimand.

Our hunt breakfast was as enjoyable as always. But it was hot by then! We celebrated 4 birthdays (Emily, Janet, Cheryl and Judy) with good food and fellowship. Thank you to my staff for an excellent job and to Howard for his efforts to truck follow and take care of the many tracking and shock collars. I love having extra dog biscuits to give after a hunt! Thank you to those who bring them along.

This week I will be roading all available hounds on Monday and Friday at 9 a.m. from the kennels. Come and bring your horse for an hour’s walk/trot around my farm. All the young hounds will go to the foxpen at 7:30 on Wed. Sept.12 and on Saturday Sept.15 we will hunt at Bonnydale.

Tomorrow I will be placing a new order for Stonewall Hounds logo items. Call or email if interested.

See you in the hunt field,


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