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Established 2000  •  Registered & Recognized, MFHA
Appomattox, Campbell, Prince Edward and Charlotte Counties, Virginia

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Members and Friends,

Our American hounds are working hard, finding game and giving us wonderful music with many hours of enjoyment. Yesterday, in Pamplin, eleven and a half couple found a grey fox in the bear woods. Hounds circled those bear woods many times. That fox crossed Crane Creek near our Amazon Crossing. The pack had to work hard to stay the line. Their music was good but not consistent. Nevertheless, the field and I were in front row seats observing some awesome hound work.

I saw Bonnie work the line like her mother Sally. Keystone was leading at times. Gretel took great pleasure is hearing Sawyer's loud voice booming forth as he followed the grey fox line. Harry Miller's daughter, Joy, was our guest of the day and the first one to view the grey crossing 4-Post Rd. After a loop on the west side of Crane Creek, Judy and Susan viewed our pilot crossing slightly up from Amazon heading east and back over into the bear woods. Hounds were quiet after a while and had not come on so I doubled the horn to encourage them to the fresher line. They came, scenting very low with their heads, worked the area but struggled to stay the line. Only Jeremiah with his terrific nose spoke a little. I picked them up and cast them directly into the bear woods further down the DR Mower Trail. Then they all opened loudly, better than before and ran screaming away. On to the Baldwin Rd.area they flew, continuing with louder music. Grey Fox still? Didn't sound like it!

After many loops in a heavily wooded pine plantation where we can't get in to, Cheryl commented, "they are running like the bear tends to run". Vicky and her field then viewed the bear on the far side of the pond in the huge bog area that the beavers have dammed up. Hounds screaming close behind. As they crossed in front of me going back into the bear woods, I stopped them. After close to 3 hours of great work, fast loops and exciting views for us, I wanted to prevent any harm from that bear. Some of you might remember that over a year ago in this same area, Tenson was swiped by a bear on his flank and required 11 stitches. It took us a while to get them all in as they don't ever want to stop. Whips, Kate, Cheryl and Gretel along with Vicky doing double duty, successfully worked until we came in with all but Jennie who showed up as we started our tailgate. Howard was protecting our roads in his truck and Kate was the loan watch on the gasline where hounds looped close to but never crossed over.

I really look forward to hunting back in Bonnydale on Saturday. Because of the seventy degree forecast we will start at 9AM and remember that dress will be formal.

Happy Hunting,  Lili

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